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For immediate access to emergency information related to campus safety, visit Appalachian's Emergency website.
For additional information please read about off-campus emergency information.

Designed to help members of the region learn about the various educational,economic development, cultural and community service outreach programs available to them. Read more at their web site.

Off Campus Information

The mission of the Office of Off-Campus Community Relations is to enhance the quality of life for off-campus and transfer students, and the community; to develop and support opportunities for student involvement in and connection to the university and community; to encourage personal and social development as responsible citizens; and to nurture an understanding of the interdependencies of people and their environments. Read more at the Off-Campus web page.

Office of Student Conduct

The purpose of this office is to educate and make available the necessary information regarding expected conduct of the students of Appalachian State University, whether they be on or off campus.

We want you to KNOW THE CODE!

Multicultural Student Development

This office educates and provides the Appalachian community with culturally diverse lectures and programs.  For more information regarding services provided by the Multicultural Student Development office please visit their website.

Sexual Assault Protocols

If a sexual assault occurs on campus: Get medical attention, notify University Police immediately and find and maintain a support system (a 24-hour crisis hotline is available by calling 828-262-5035).

Sexual Assault Services for Campus and Community

Campus services and local and national resources. Read more about Sexual Assault services.

Substance Education / Resources

Learn more about the resources, services, and programs available to Appalachian students to prevent and reduce the consequences associated with the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


At the post-secondary level, parents do not have automatic access to the student's records.  Access may be provided by a number of circumstances.  Read more:

U.S. Department of Education FERPA website

Appalachian State University FERPA Policy

Smoking Policy